Month: August 2017


FACO is Hiring

General Info

Position Title:  Fire Adapted Colorado Network Coordinator

Position Status: Part Time

Location: Within Colorado

Reports To: Coalitions and Collaboratives, Inc.

Network Coordinator Job Opportunity

Coalitions and Collaboratives, Inc. (COCO) is seeking a part-time Network Coordinator for Fire Adapted Colorado (FACO), a statewide organization working to increase capacity among network members and provide sharing and learning opportunities to wildfire-centric organizations within the state. The Coordinator will connect and support Coloradans who are working on wildfire mitigation and community resilience issues.  Currently, Fire Adapted Colorado, a 501(c)3, not for profit organization, has seven Board Members and five agency liaisons. The Coordinator will be directly supervised by COCO, working on activities approved by the FACO Board of Directors to promote new and better ways of relating to wildfire within Colorado.

Job Summary

We are seeking a creative, self-starting, organized and passionate professional to help lead FACO. This position is for a part-time FACO Coordinator who will lead the strategy, development and implementation of FACO’s next phase. In partnership with a remote team and network members, you will lead the FACO transition from a new organization, to one that is able to begin broadening its influence and reach.

The FACO Coordinator will be an employee of Coalitions and Collaboratives, based in Lake George, CO. FACO is a statewide program, and staff will not be required to live in Lake George, but will be required to reside within Colorado. Remote staff must have access to high-speed internet, computer, office (or home-office) space, a phone line, and be able to travel approximately 3-6 times per year.

Qualifications and Experience

Minimum Qualifications:

·   Bachelor’s degree and 3+ years of professional experience or equivalent combination.

·   Proven ability to work with a diverse range of people, including citizens, agency personnel and elected officials in a manner that promotes connection and collaboration

·   Leadership skills and project management experience

·   Experience overseeing the work of contractors and/or sub-awardees

·   Solid facilitation and presentation skills

·   Exceptional attention to detail, organizational skills and great time management

·   Dynamic problem solving skills

·   Comfortable with technology

 Desirable Skills and Qualifications

·   Experience working with networks or large teams

·   Experience communicating about technical information, especially fire and related natural resources and community issues, with a variety of audiences

·   Experience with webinar platforms

·   Blog management and writing

·   Wordpress experience

·   Experience working remotely, and with a remote team

·   Grant writing and/or fundraising experience

Personal Characteristics

·   Passion for the mission

·   Personal humility, servant leader, network entrepreneur

·   Knows how to ask for and receive help

·   Proactive, self-starter, loves to take initiative with an urgency to get the job done

·   Understands the big picture and larger context of the work, systems thinker

·   Ability to see multiple sides of an issue

·   Patient, stays cool under pressure

·   Great sense of humor, ability to see the positive

Position Specifics

The following activities are central to the FACO Coordinator position. In addition to these activities, we expect that the Coordinator will identify other opportunities for growing and strengthening FACO.

Primary Responsibilities

The FACO Coordinator creates, cultivates, and ensures high quality relationships and collaborations that advance the mission of FACO. Primary responsibilities are to:

Convene the Network

  • Design and facilitate network convenings
  • Organize convening logistics, including meeting locations, catering, materials, reminders, etc.
  • Capture key takeaways and next steps from convenings

Catalyze the Network

  • Support new member onboarding
  • Facilitate connections between network participants
  • Support network participants to more deeply connect their organization with the work of the network

Coordinate FACO activities

  • Host network meetings and calls, and participate in FACO Board calls
  • Identify points of intersection and bottlenecks, and help to connect network participants with other network members or partners for assistance or support
  • Track project progress, outcomes and opportunities
  • Regularly update and manage FACO’s virtual workspace (podio)
  • Work with FACO Treasurer to manage network finances and budget
  • Perform site visits to stay aware of network projects and steward collaborations between participants
  • Coordinate with other regional networks to identify points of intersection
  • Maintain the network’s technological infrastructure (WordPress website, Facebook, Google Docs) and keep them up to date

Communicate with and for FACO

  • Function as primary point of contact for the network internally and externally
  • Connect with each individual participant of the network to understand their work, their organization, how the network can support the participant and their organization in service of shared goals, and how the participant and their organizations can support and more strongly engage with the network
  • Keep network conversations vibrant and alive
  • Reach out to drifting participants and find creative ways to re-engage them in the network
  • Keep key partners informed of FACO activities and progress

Create sustainability for FACO

  • Help secure funding for FACO learning exchanges and other projects, as well as long-term sustainability, through a combination of grant writing and fundraising
  • Work with network members to identify and secure in-kind contributions, including meeting locations, transportation, catering, materials, etc.


This is an hourly,  part time position covering 20 hours per week. Compensation for this position will be based on experience, within the range of $22 – $25/ per hour. While this is a part-time position to start, there is potential to increase to a full-time position based upon incumbents’ ability to develop, build and fundraise for FACO. Currently, FACO has funding to maintain this position for about ten months, but hopes to build this into a long-term position.

To Apply

Submit a cover letter that addresses the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed above, current resume, published writing sample, links to any social media channels you’ve managed and three professional references that can speak to your ability to lead a similar program or project.  FACO will host our annual meeting October 3-5, 2017.  We hope to have the position filled before this time.

Submit applications electronically to: Applications are due by COB on Sept. 11, 2017.

Learn more about Fire Adapted Colorado

FACO is currently supported by the Bureau of Land Management and the National Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network. The FACO Board of Directors and Liaisons includes leaders from the following organizations and agencies:

Coalitions and Collaboratives, Inc

Colorado Springs Utilities

Coalition for the Upper South Platte

Eagle County

Fire Wise of Southwest Colorado

Grand County Wildfire Council

Vail Fire Department

West Region Wildfire Council

Bureau of Land Management

Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control

Colorado State Forest Service

FAC Network

USDA Forest Service


In 2014 several FAC leaders from Colorado participated in a Fire Adapted Communities Network Annual Workshop.  At the workshop an idea was proposed – create an organization that would bind Wildfire Councils in Colorado together – provide mentoring through sharing and learning. The idea simmered for a year and then in 2015, we learned that the Colorado Wildland Fire Conference was looking for a 501c3 to operate under and it felt like the right time to start this new organization In August 2015, an individual from the Bureau of Land Management brought together  four interested groups and a representative from the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network.  We met, developed some objectives, elected officers and set about creating a 501c3. By the end of the year, the group had coalesced, picked a name, drafted Bylaws, picked agency liaisons and formalized as the non-profit, Fire Adapted Colorado. During 2016, FACO developed a work plan which they were able to implement with some funding from the FAC Network. That work plan included developing a website, hosting learning exchanges, and becoming the fiscal agent for the Colorado Wildland Fire Conference. In 2017, we became the fiscal agent for the WiRe Center, a group an interdisciplinary group working on wildfire fire adaptation.  In 2017, FACO also realized the incredible need within the state of Colorado to further our mission and vision, a goal which would best be accomplished with a dedicated network coordinator. Visit to learn more.

FACO’s Mission – A collective voice and representative organization for Colorado that provides educational and networking opportunities for communities, groups and individual stakeholders focused on reducing the negative impacts of wildfires in the state.

FACO’s Vision – Fire Adapted Colorado (FACO) provides a statewide platform for information sharing and forward-thinking discussion as related to wildfire issues. FACO acts as a connecting force that works with a collective voice, aimed at creating safer and more resilient communities living with the threat of wildfire.